Chapter 13 Arizona Model Plan Form (pdf)  Fillable (pdf)


Stipulated Order Confirming Plan (SOC)

Sample Checklist for Preparing the SOC (pdf)

Model Notice of Submitting SOC (pdf)

Model SOC Form (pdf) 

*Trustee requires that a cover letter, which addresses each recommendation item from the plan evaluation, is submitted with each SOC.



Address Change Forms

Address Change Form for Debtors (pdf)

Address Change Form for Creditors (pdf)

Address Change Form for Attorneys (pdf)



Trustee's Questionnaire for All Debtors (pdf)  Fillable (pdf)

Pro Per Questionnaire for Debtors Without an Attorney (pdf)  Fillable (pdf)

Business Case Questionnaire (pdf)  Fillable (pdf)

Self Employment Questionnaire (pdf)  Fillable (pdf)


Registration Forms

Email Notification of Court Filings in Bankruptcy Case for Debtors (pdf)

Trustwin Internet Access Agreement for Attorneys and Creditors (pdf)

Electronic Fund Transfer Authorization Form for Creditors and Attorneys (pdf)



Creditor and Creditor Attorney Internet Access Agreement (pdf)


Notice of Correction of Social Security Number (pdf)


Section 341 Meeting: Request for Copy of Meeting of Creditors (pdf)


Waiver of Statute of Limitations (pdf)


Monthly Business Operating Statement (pdf) Fillable (pdf)

For debtors without an attorney, this operating statement is to be hand delivered or mailed to the courts at the addresses below. For debtors with an attorney, this should be addressed per debtor-attorney agreement.


*The court will provide a copy of this operating statement to the trustee's office.


Phoenix Bankruptcy Court Address: United States Bankruptcy Court, 230 North First Avenue, Suite 101, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Yuma Bankruptcy Court Address: John M. Roll U.S. Courthouse, 98 West First Street, Yuma, AZ 85364